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Paint protection to keep your vehicle good as new

One thing that truly marks a new car out from the rest is the quality of the paintwork. Indeed, unblemished, unscratched and vibrant colour on a vehicle can make hundreds of pounds of difference when it comes to selling and valuations. At Direct Window Tinting we know it can be difficult to guard against paint wear on your car, so we offer an expert paint protection service for your vehicle.

Protect the car you love

Direct Window Tinting’s paint protection services will keep your car paint in an ‘as new’ condition for years to come. Protecting your car against common dangers such as grit, heat, sun, stones, chips and key scratches, our paint protection is self-healing – meaning that with some targeted heat, any scratches in your car’s paintwork will come right back out again.

How does it work?

Direct Window Tinting installs clear automotive paint protection film in order to keep your vehicle pristine. Applied to the areas of your car that are most susceptible to damage, paint protection film is durable and virtually invisible to the naked eye.

For more information about our paint protection films, please visit the Llumar website.

Protect your car from scratches with paint protection film

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