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Commercial Window Tinting across the South East

Glare from the sun or excess heat can be a major disruption to your business. Direct Window Tinting provides effective commercial window tinting services to businesses across Suffolk, Cambridge, Essex, Peterborough and Lincolnshire. Our expert team have experience working with all kind of commercial enterprises, including shops, restaurants, hotels, car showrooms and offices. All of our window films and window tinting services come with a guarantee that protects you against fading, peeling or scratching so you can be sure that yours is a sound investment.

Keep your team safe from heat

At Direct Window Tinting we know how distracting excessive sun can be, causing your workers to overheat and struggle to focus due to glare. Not only is this majorly disruptive to your business but it is also dangerous your workers’ health. Direct Window Tinting can install high quality window films to the windows of any commercial property, making life more comfortable for your workers, customers and other occupants. Our solar films reject nearly 80% of the sun’s energy, meaning that you’ll be safe from UV damage and other harmful side effects caused by the sun.  And not only that, but having your windows tinted by our team will lead to lower overheads for your business, as we work to reduce energy and heat loss from your property.

Helping your business stand out

The advantages of commercial window tinting for your health and safety are clear. But having your office’s windows tinted can also bring further benefits for your business. Window films can protect your equipment, products or goods from sun damage or fading, keeping them in mint condition, while also allowing you to find the optimum lighting to make your products shine. Tinted windows lend your commercial property a sense of sophistication, class and privacy, bringing multiple benefits for your business’ reputation.

Effective commercial window tinting

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