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Getting your car windows tinted can have many benefits; in addition to getting a great look and adding value to your car, tinted car windows provide added safety, security and privacy. Tinted windows also keep your car cooler and more comfortable when it’s hot, as well as shielding you from harmful UV rays and the resulting glare. For unbeatable long-lasting results, get car tinting done in Direct Window Tinting’s tinting studio in Norfolk, regardless of whether you’re a commercial or private client.

Committed to seamless car tinting

Our professional finish has made us Norfolk’s leading window and car tinting company. Our success is founded on our commitment to high-quality services and finishes, as well as our purpose-built tinting studio, which is climate controlled for optimal results. Seamless window tinting can only be achieved in a dust-controlled environment, so we never tint away from our premises. We believe that tinting is about preparation and cleanliness to guarantee great results, and so we’ll strive to achieve your complete satisfaction every time.

Window films

Our car films and tints are guaranteed for the length of time that you own your vehicle, meaning they will not peel or fade. This service promise gives you peace of mind that our work will always be done to the highest of professional standards, allowing you to get from point A to point B in absolute comfort, without the risk of excessive heat and harmful UV rays.

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Llumar films for a first-class finish

At Direct Window Tinting we are proud to be a Llumar-approved fitting centre, meaning we can fit Llumar films for all of our car tinting jobs. Our team is committed to always providing first-class results to leave your vehicle looking fantastic, and part of this is only using the best films available. Cheap films can leave your glass looking purple and will not last as long, whereas Llumar films will leave your car looking as good as new. Our expert team are fully trained, so you know you’ll get the best possible finish, too – adding value to your vehicle in the long run. We are so confident that you’ll be left satisfied with your car tinting service, that all of our car tinting and Llumar films come with a lifetime guarantee against peeling and cracking.

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